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21-23 September 2017 * Maratea * Basilicata * Italy



Selected startups for the Heroes Prize Competition


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What is Heroes?

HEROES is the first Euro-Mediterranean Co-innovation Festivalthat involves the global enterprise players, business angels, investors, intellectuals, researchers, policy makers and the best start ups of the Euro-Mediterranean basin.

The best event on innovation and future that you cannot miss, and which in the last edition saw more than 150 guests speaking and performing on our sea view stages.

Check out the program, the speakers, the Heroes Award and many networking opportunities to meet tomorrow's talents.


The main topics of this edition

This year our heroes will come together to imagine and build a new technological humanism where Big data, AI, Cybersecurity and Biotech can coexist with culture, territory and people. Maratea, like all unexplored territories, can represent the ideal laboratory for finding a better future based on balance between nature and technique, innovation and tradition, design and vision.


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Pino Aprile

Pino Aprile
Giornalista e scrittore

Nicola Christian Rinaldi

Nicola Christian Rinaldi
Little Genius International

Donato Montibello

Donato Montibello
Ministero del Lavoro

Luca La Mesa

Luca La Mesa
Procter&Gamble Alumni Italia

Barbara Carfagna

Barbara Carfagna
Giornalista e conduttrice

Media partner

Heroes Team

Michele Franzese Michele Franzese on Linkedin

Michele Franzese


Andreina Serena Romano Andreina Serena Romano on Linkedin

Andreina Serena Romano


Valentina Cillo Valentina Cillo on Linkedin

Valentina Cillo


Jacopo Mele Jacopo Mele on Linkedin

Jacopo Mele

Human Connector

Lina Da Nazaret Lina Da Nazaret on Linkedin

Lina Da Nazaret

Comunication Manager

Marianna Sileo

Marianna Sileo

Segreteria Organizzativa

Francesco Russo Francesco Russo on Linkedin

Francesco Russo

Account & Startup Coordinator

Donatella Allegretti Donatella Allegretti on Linkedin

Donatella Allegretti

ADV & Social Media Manager

Angela Sorbo Angela Sorbo on Linkedin

Angela Sorbo

Social Media Manager

Luca Puglisi Luca Puglisi on Linkedin

Luca Puglisi

Art Director

Angelo Musto Angelo Musto on Linkedin

Angelo Musto

Grafic Designer

Alessandro Annunziata

Alessandro Annunziata

Grafic Designer

Alessandra Santoro Alessandra Santoro on Linkedin

Alessandra Santoro

Press Office

Annalisa Masi Annalisa Masi on Linkedin

Annalisa Masi

Media Relations

Pino Paciello Pino Paciello on Linkedin

Pino Paciello

Sponsorship Relations

Roberta Esposito Roberta Esposito on Linkedin

Roberta Esposito

Event Production Designer

Alessandra Lopez Alessandra Lopez on Linkedin

Alessandra Lopez

Guest Coordinator

Mariano Susini

Mariano Susini

Guest Coordinator

Mariadele Urbanetti Mariadele Urbanetti on Linkedin

Mariadele Urbanetti

Project Assistant

Valerio De Vivo Valerio De Vivo on Linkedin

Valerio De Vivo

Staff Comunicazione

Concetta Lorenzino Concetta Lorenzino on Linkedin

Concetta Lorenzino

Segreteria Organizzativa

Luca Zaccagnino Luca Zaccagnino on Linkedin

Luca Zaccagnino

Investors Network

Giulia Bosi Giulia Bosi on Linkedin

Giulia Bosi

Content Creator

Tatyana Brod Tatyana Brod on Linkedin

Tatyana Brod

International Relationship

Francesca Ferri Francesca Ferri  on Linkedin

Francesca Ferri

International Relationship

Emilio Larocca Conte Emilio Larocca Conte on Linkedin

Emilio Larocca Conte

International Relationship